Welcome Home

Greetings and a heartfelt welcome to the Medicine Womyn’s Retreat website. We look forward to connecting with you someday hopefully in person but until then, this a great place to gather information about the upcoming retreats and also view pictures and read a bit about our previous gatherings. This also serves as a place to connect with other really incredible womxn, who are doing inspiring work in the world. This website will be growing and evolving often…especially as we get closer to the dates of our retreats so please, check in with us every now and again for more information:)

Just to give a little more background, the Medicine Womyn’s Retreats started in our hearts many years ago. We are so blessed to be surrounded with incredibly talented and gifted womxn. Womyn that we are honored to call our sisters. We share visions of large groups of powerful, wise womyn/womxn coming together a few times a year to share their own unique medicines..to sit in ceremony and co-create healing rituals together…to deeply nourish and reconnect and learn how to best support each other during these rapidly changing times. We have visions of us all sitting together in council, all ages and colors and backgrounds, … womxn teaching and sharing from their own wisdom and stories, swimming in the healing waters, warming our hearts by the fire, spiraling inward and raising our vibrations and recharging our connection to ourselves and each other and then sending it off into the world to places in deep need of light and healing.

The root intention of these retreats is to NOURISH. To take time out of our busy lives; as mamas,  partners,  sisters, as WOMXN/WOMYN….to take a day or weekend off from the hustle of everyday life and simply re~connect. To come to the retreats offers an opportunity to slow down,  recharge with our feet firmly connected to the earth, to tune into the seasons, the rhythms, the wild medicinal plants and all the natural tools that are here to help us stay balanced. Our retreats offer more than just a day or weekend away from it all. They offer a deeper sense of connection- they offer sisterhood, laughter, play, wisdom, inspiration, nourishment, healing foods, beauty, adornment, art and many unique forms of healing.

The past retreats we have co-created have been so deeply powerful and transformative that we have expanded our summer retreats to a be full weekend long. They are truly magical, potent and deeply nourishing days spent together. There are many unique workshops and classes offered, healing opportunities, ceremonies, and so much more. We are honored to hold this space and connect with you on these beautiful farms and/or wellness centers chosen for these events. In deep honor and respect for each of you that may be curious or feeling guided to attend, and deep gratitude for those of you who are helping to spread the good vibes out there. We recognize our ancient sisterhood connection and humbly bow and say thank you


Green Blessings