We started the Sister Scholarship fund a few years ago so that any lack of financial abundance doesn’t prevent those from attending our retreats that really feel the call to come. Our intention and goals are based on empowering womxn, bringing sisters together, filling up with inspiration, nourishment and sisterhood during these crazy potent times. We know many of our guests who attend are stay at home mamas, teachers, farmers and healers and many of those ‘jobs’ don’t always offer a huge salary so we just want you to know that we’ve got your back a little here:)

A few months before the longer summer retreats, we start raising money to funnel into the sister scholarship fund. Usually we raise funds through having a raffle. Many generous, incredible people around the country offer gifts, donations and really cool offerings to the raffle and then we sell tickets.

Tickets are usually $5 a piece, and 100% of the funds go towards sending ladies to the retreat and a small percent may go towards improving infrastructure for the actual event.

Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis and we ask that if you think you will be needing any financial assistance to attend, that you contact us as soon as we start promoting the upcoming retreat. We only raise a certain amount of money and it can only be spread so far, so know that at a certain point, we do run out of funds and for that we are sorry…. For the summer retreats there is sometimes a little more room for work trade and we LOVE helping hands  so that may also be an option.

***Folks can pay for the tickets in cash, check  or

PayPal to Korigvt@yahoo.com or Venmo Kori-gelinas

You don’t have to be local to buy tickets or to win the gifts

For more info about this specific raffle for the retreat, either to donate something for the raffle or to buy tickets, please contact Kori.

thank you