~Kori Gelinas: Medicine Womyn Healing Arts & Apothecary; Wellness consultation and customized blend
~Keith Morris with Willow Crossing Farm: one gallon berry or fruit plant
~Adena Harford Bright:a spot in her upcoming workshop on March 3rd, 2018, “Essential Ayurveda for Women”
~Martina And-Wagnera: $50 worth of herbal and medicinal chocolate
~Kim Rossignol: Intuitive reading
~Diana Gonsalves Hansen: large deer medicine pouch
~Ilana Sobo: Ayurveda consultation
~Kim Martin: gift certificate for photography
~Jennifer Reil Simpson: 30 min massage at the retreat with a 2oz bottle of massage oil
~Katie Baas: with Lucky Star Catering; dinner for 4
~Maureen Short: 2 hr shamanic healing session
~Pam Aupperleee: Consultation and flower essence blend
~Marsya Ancker: 30 min. healing gem consultation and intuitive crystal reading
~Deb Nevil: 2 gift certificates to JFAM (Jeffersonville Farmers Market)
~Lindsay London: 5 pack of her zines
~Fletcher Boote: 3 cds
~Lynda Morris: handmade beaded earrings
~Diane Bellington: large framed image of a spring goddess
~Talia White: homemade paper sign
~Kiersten Satterfield Bechtoldt: handcrafted croquet dream catcher
~Mackenzie Welchnzie Welsh: 2 handmade cloth dolls with a cloth product bento bag and a custom small/med banner hung on a beautiful stick
~Britt Nielson: distance bio-field tuning session
~Ara Golden Eagle: 2 large alter candles (new and full moon)
~Mindy Cohen: craniosacral session
~Lizzie Bogosian: fiddle lessons or childcare
~Holly Richardson: 1hr dowsing/healing session
~Joy Edgerton: 2 chanting cds and 1 gold wrapped gem pendant
~Lyn Sellars: 5 classes to Dharma Yoga
~Gabrielle Goldbergg: 75 min shiatsu massage
~Gina Gaiotti Gioti: massage
~Holly Ferris with Wondering Roots; $20 credit towards blueberries, chicken, honey or whimsical handmade gift
~Tela Phorbin: handmade meal or childcare
~Carloyn Mecklosky: Fern Hill 30min massage
~Alexa Rivera: basket weaving workshop gift card
~Heather Mallory with Green Seed Herbals: $50 gift card
~Janice DeCooman: Intro to floor weaving class, Wildflower Weaving
~Tamara Jordan: $75 Sound Healing Session with Reiki
~Maria Carvalho Sandoval: Handmade Feather Earrings