SUMMER RETREAT AUGUST 11-12TH (more donations added daily to stay tuned)

  1. Jennifer Simpson: 30 minute massage with 2oz bottle of massage oil to take home
  2. Jennifer Kahn: 2 pairs of earrings
  3. Maureen Short: 2 hr Shamanic Reiki Energy clearing, balancing, aura sparkling healing session. With a sound bath using 9 singing bowls
  4. Kiersten Satterfield Bechtoldt: handmade dream catcher
  5. Fletcher Boote: 30 minute private sounds healing + yoga+ cd to be used at the retreat
  6. Shaina Levee: Birth Love family- 4 tickets to Luna Speaks $80 value
  7. Jessica Manchester with Milkweed Medicinals: Seed kit
  8. Karen Sweeney: 60 Minute Massage
  9. Casi Ara Mari: Ritual candle, 45 min intuitive tarot reading
  10. Morrigan Stark: Healing Spell oil, Rune burned palo santo sticks, smudge fan with hand sewn leather and crystal handle
  11. Ilana Sobo: Essential oils
  12. Lindsay London: 3 copies of Sacred Anatomy zine, nourishing women’s tea blend
  13. Sara Grace Peterson: macrame crystal necklace
  14. Tara Pollock: 2 week cleanse kit
  15. Diana Gonslaves Hansen: 2x4in custom made deer hide medicine bag, set of flower essences for empaths-4, 1oz bottles
  16. Braelyn Gillespie: Sacred self care kit from Bee Love, includes Body Oil, bath salts, hand poured beeswax candle, body scrub all in a lovely pouch
  17. Kori Gelinas with Medicine Womyn Healing Arts and Apothecary: wellness consultation and custom blend
  18. Gaby Goldberg: 60 minute Shiatsu session
  19. Tammy Jordan: 60 minute Sound Healing Session
  20. Chris Chaisson with Wild Branch Foods: Elderberry Syrup, Elixir of Fire, Calendula and CBD coconut infusions.
  21. Eileen McKusick: Sonic Slider
  22. Martina Anderson: Nutty Stephs chocolate package, 1 CBD bar, 2 Canna Coochies (CBD infused chocolate labia), 4 regular chocolate labia (no CBD) $56 value
  23. Noah Weisman with Sukha Yoga; 2, 5 day yoga classes
  24. Mackenzie Welch: homemade cloth doll
  25. Laura Oliver: basket of goodies from the garden and kitchen; fresh eggs, veggies, ferments and pesto
  26. Dawn Lancaster: Pure Energy Apothecary gift basket and sterling silver bracelet from Carved Solutions
  27. Taraleigh Weathers new book “How to Rock Your Life: Maintain the Magic of Live Music in Your Everyday Experience”
  28. Leah Horrigan: 60 minute massage with Etherium Massage and Bodywork
  29. Stephen Pshaw Scuderi: 60 min private sound bath with Instrumental massage and improv
  30. Intro to the Floor Loom weaving class, with Janice DeCooman
  31. Katie Baas with Lucky Star Catering
  32. Pam Aupperlee’s flower essences; Peace blend and Rescue Blend





~Kori Gelinas: Medicine Womyn Healing Arts & Apothecary; Wellness consultation and customized blend
~Keith Morris with Willow Crossing Farm: one gallon berry or fruit plant
~Adena Harford Bright:a spot in her upcoming workshop on March 3rd, 2018, “Essential Ayurveda for Women”
~Martina And-Wagnera: $50 worth of herbal and medicinal chocolate
~Kim Rossignol: Intuitive reading
~Diana Gonsalves Hansen: large deer medicine pouch
~Ilana Sobo: Ayurveda consultation
~Kim Martin: gift certificate for photography
~Jennifer Reil Simpson: 30 min massage at the retreat with a 2oz bottle of massage oil
~Katie Baas: with Lucky Star Catering; dinner for 4
~Maureen Short: 2 hr shamanic healing session
~Pam Aupperleee: Consultation and flower essence blend
~Marsya Ancker: 30 min. healing gem consultation and intuitive crystal reading
~Deb Nevil: 2 gift certificates to JFAM (Jeffersonville Farmers Market)
~Lindsay London: 5 pack of her zines
~Fletcher Boote: 3 cds
~Lynda Morris: handmade beaded earrings
~Diane Bellington: large framed image of a spring goddess
~Talia White: homemade paper sign
~Kiersten Satterfield Bechtoldt: handcrafted croquet dream catcher
~Mackenzie Welchnzie Welsh: 2 handmade cloth dolls with a cloth product bento bag and a custom small/med banner hung on a beautiful stick
~Britt Nielson: distance bio-field tuning session
~Ara Golden Eagle: 2 large alter candles (new and full moon)
~Mindy Cohen: craniosacral session
~Lizzie Bogosian: fiddle lessons or childcare
~Holly Richardson: 1hr dowsing/healing session
~Joy Edgerton: 2 chanting cds and 1 gold wrapped gem pendant
~Lyn Sellars: 5 classes to Dharma Yoga
~Gabrielle Goldbergg: 75 min shiatsu massage
~Gina Gaiotti Gioti: massage
~Holly Ferris with Wondering Roots; $20 credit towards blueberries, chicken, honey or whimsical handmade gift
~Tela Phorbin: handmade meal or childcare
~Carloyn Mecklosky: Fern Hill 30min massage
~Alexa Rivera: basket weaving workshop gift card
~Heather Mallory with Green Seed Herbals: $50 gift card
~Janice DeCooman: Intro to floor weaving class, Wildflower Weaving
~Tamara Jordan: $75 Sound Healing Session with Reiki
~Maria Carvalho Sandoval: Handmade Feather Earrings