Raffle tickets are now on sale, they are $5 a piece and 100% of all proceeds will go towards the sister scholarship fund. This money is available to anyone wanting to attend the upcoming Medicine Women’s Summer Retreat that doesn’t have enough funds to do so. There is an application form that needs to be filled out and money goes really fast, FCFS basis. For any more info on applying to the scholarship, contact Korigvt@yahoo.com. 
To buy tickets, you can mail a check, pay via PAYPAL to Korigvt@yahoo.com, or pay in cash. 
again, email Korigvt@yahoo.com with any questions
The drawing for the raffle will be held mid July
good luck and thank you so much for your support
First and foremost we want to take a moment to thank each person who offered a donation to the raffle, there were so many incredible items and services to win that I think thats why ticket sales were so high! Thank you to each of you who purchased tickets to contribute to the greater cause! This was our largest raffle yet, we raised just $900 and are sending 10 sisters to the retreat on us/YOU! so THANK YOU deeply. It truly takes a village to pull these kinds of events off and we are so humbled to be so supported by our fabulous commUNITY~
so yes, drum roll please…..here are the results from the 2018 Winter Retreat Raffle:)
~ = giver
***= winner
please contact the person you won something from or that won something from you to set up how to get it to/or from them…(let me know if i need to be involved)
congrats to all the winners and thank you all for your support!
~Kori Gelinas: wellness consult and custom blend
***Izzy Beckman
~Keith Morris 1-one gallon berry or fruit plant
***Shelly Houle Rodriguez
~Adena Harford Bright Bright: a spot in her upcoming workshop on March 3rd, 2018, “Essential Ayurveda for Women”
***Kim Cleary
~Martina And-Wagnera:$50 worth of herbal and medicinal chocolate
***Ilana Sobo
~Kim Rossignoll: intuitive reading
***Bela Layman
~Diana Gonsalves Hansen: large deer medicine pouch
***Pam Aupperlee
~Ilana Sobo: Ayurveda consultation
***Ericka Fairfield
~Kim Martin: gift certificate for photography
***Jeanette Bacevius
~Jennifer Reil Simpson: 30 min aromatic massage at the retreat
***Sarah Bowley
~Katie Baas: (Lucky Star Catering) dinner for 4
***Gabrielle Goldberg
~Maureen Short: 2 hr shamanic healing session
***Heather Mallory
~Pam Aupperlee: consultation and flower essence blend
***Talia White
~Marsya Anckerr: 30 min healing gem consultation and intuitive crystal reading
***Bela Layman
~Deb Nevil: 2 $20 gift certificates to JFAM (Jeffersonville Farmers Market)
***Joy Edgerton
***Jennifer Reil Simpson
~Lindsay London: 5 pack of her zines
***Amber Miles
~Fletcher Boote: 3 cds
***Marina Welch, ***Martina And-Wagner, ***Patti Ralston Smailagic
~Lynda Morris: handmade earrings
***Shelly Houle Rodriguez
~Diane Bellington: large framed image of a spring goddess
***Pete Williams
~Talia White: homemade paper sign
***Lynda Morris
~Kiersten Satterfield Bechtoldt: handcrafted croquet dream catcher
***Marissa Doscher
~Mackenzie Welch: 2 handmade cloth dolls with a cloth product bento bag
***Diana Gonsalves Hansen, ***Kelly Shortsleeve
custom small/med banner hung on a beautiful stick
***Jessilyn Dolan
~Britt Nielsen: distance bio-field tuning session
***Kim Martin
~Ara Golden Eagle: 2 large alter candles (new and full moon)
new moon: ***Lindsay London
full moon: ***Pam Aupperlee
~Mindy Cohen: craniosacral session
***Kori Gelinas
~Lizzie Bogosian: fiddle lessons or childcare
***Pete Williams
~Holly Richardson: 1hr dowsing/healing session
***Joy Edgerton
~Joy Edgerton: 2 chanting cds,
***Holly Richardson, ***Kim Bangs
1 gold wrapped gem pendant
***Ericka Fairfield
~Lyn Sellars: 5 classes to Dharma Yoga
***Kim Cleary
~Gabrielle Goldberg: 75 min shiatsu massage
***Katie Baas
~Gina Gaiotti: massage
***Deb Nevil
~Holly Ferris with Wondering Roots, $20 credit towards blueberries, chicken, honey or whimsical handmade gift
***Kori Gelinas
~Tela Phorbin: handmade meal or childcare
***Adena Harford Bright
~Carolyn Mecklosky 30 min Fern Hill Massage
***Jessilyn Dolan
~Alexa Rivera gift card for basket weaving class
***Kiersten Satterfield Bechtoldt
~Heather Mallory with Green Seed Herbals $50 gift certificate
***Fletcher Boote
Janice DeCooman “Intro to floor loom weaving class” with Wildflower Weaver
***Kim Bangs
~Tamara Jordan massage with sound healing
***Karen Muller Sweeney
~Maria Carvalho Sandoval with Fire Bird Art-pair of feather earrings
***Jennifer DeGeorge Dirkmaat