Meet the Tribe



Kori Gelinas

Kori Gelinas is an earth mama, priestess, and true magick maker. She weaves her boho spirit with her native roots to live peacefully in the northern Green Mountains of Vt.  She is the founder of the Medicine Womyn Retreats as much of her mission in this life is to bring womyn and the sister tribe … Continue reading Kori Gelinas

Jenn Stelma

Jenn works with Spirit on her off grid homestead farm in Northern Vermont, tending the land and offering greatest and deepest thanks for the blessings that life on Mother Earth provides.  With a deep love of ancestral arts that reflect the beauty of the Goddess, she cares for a small flock of fiber sheep, and … Continue reading Jenn Stelma

Lisa Ecker

Lisa began her journey as an artist with a great love for science as well.   It was not long after, that the healing arts became her calling.   While attending the Boulder School of Massage she fell in love with making creams, lotions and botanical blends for the body.  Her interest grew and now 25 years … Continue reading Lisa Ecker

Maureen Short

Maureen Short has been a healer for over 25 years. In her healing arts practice, she offers Shamanic Reiki treatments, Sacred Sound ( 9 crystal singing bowls, chanting, toning/drumming/tuning forks and rattles) and Crystal and Gemstone layouts. A Flower Essence therapist of 25 years, she gives each client a personal blend of flower essences.   She is the … Continue reading Maureen Short

Terri Evans

Serving Naples, FL since 1991 and is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician, AP988 certified in: Chinese Herbology, Homeopathy, Acupuncture Face Lift, Dr. Tan, Koryo Hand Acupuncture, Bio-Terrain Sciences, Acupuncture Injection Therapy, Cold (low level) laser, Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Endocrinology and Beyond Nutrition.  Terri has taken her knowledge, education and experience … Continue reading Terri Evans

Savanah Oshun Koval

Savanah grew up in Vermont on the Huntington River. From the start, she had always been inspired by nature’s flow and rhythms. When she fell in love with belly dance as a teen, she found her body as a channel for these flowing forces of nature of to take human form. A folk herbalist, reiki … Continue reading Savanah Oshun Koval

Ilana Sobo

Ilana Sobo  is an artist, community herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor in the Greater New York City area and Connecticut.  She has spent over 16 years in the fields of Ayurveda, Yoga and Herbalism and has worked with & apprenticed for several of the pioneers in Botanical Medicine & Ayurveda in the US.  Ilana also … Continue reading Ilana Sobo

Pam Aupperlee

Pam Auperlee has embraced the vibrational healing magic of flower essences for more than 10 years. She and her husband Rick live on less than an acre in Johnson village and have co­created essences from the many plants growing in their green sanctuary ­ fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees, wild plants and flowers. All the essences … Continue reading Pam Aupperlee

Fletcher Boote

As both an accomplished visual artist and vocalist, Fletcher draws her inspiration from the creative and meditative practices of deep looking and listening. Her asana classes emphasize chanting and sacred sound as a direct link to the divine vibration that radiates from all of our hearts. She is a 300 hr Certified Jivamukti teacher who … Continue reading Fletcher Boote

Katie Baas

Katie Baas: Chef and owner, Katie Baas created Lucky Star Catering simply as an expression of her love for food. Lucky Star harkens to her southern & midwestern roots…familiar & comfortable recipes using the freshest and best quality ingredients. Katie specializes in the rustic & pastoral recipes that have their roots in the traditions of … Continue reading Katie Baas

Ariel Bitner

Ariel is a traveler, artist, musician and professional healer. In her life she has explored many aspects of the humanities, through social and animal rights involvement, agriculture, architecture, and energetic and traditional plant based healing practices of the world. The flavors, colors, and notes of good frequency and health are Ariel’s language. She has maintained … Continue reading Ariel Bitner

Katrina Coravos

Katrina Corvavos has been a devotee of cacao for a decade.  She began making chocolate in her health food store in North Conway, NH and experimented with the medicinal and healing aspects of the plant. She created her first chocolate brand called Aphrodite’s Love Chocolate in 2006.  Five years ago, she created Liberty Chocolates- the … Continue reading Katrina Coravos

Abbi Jaffe

Abbi Jaffe is an embodiment activist and teacher, social worker and community builder.  She authentically moves like a playful and listening animal, dancing with the earth in each moment.  Abbi inspires others to follow their own body’s curiosity and impulses, unleash their radiant resilience, and to be exquisite. Join her at and♥

Alexandra Martin

Alexandra Martin is a world traveler, passionate about bridging cultures, bringing traditions together and calling in ancestral wisdom. She has studied from many different lineages in a diverse array of landscapes, and has dug deep into the core of what unites these people and places. A firm believer in the power of ceremony and community, … Continue reading Alexandra Martin

Eileen Day McKusick

Eileen Day McKusick is a researcher, writer, educator and practitioner who has been studying the effects of audible sound on the human body since 1996. She is the originator of Biofield Tuning, a unique therapeutic method utilizing tuning forks, founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute (Burlington VT) and the author of Tuning the Human Biofield: … Continue reading Eileen Day McKusick

Tina Ghantous

Tina Ghantous has a diverse background that includes folk and devotional music, African dance, organic agriculture, Ayurveda, and many other things. Tina was enchanted at the first spiral dance she attended in San Francisco in the 90’s, and eventually began leading this movement ritual.   Her classes teach an accessible path to personal wellbeing, and awakening to … Continue reading Tina Ghantous

Rebecca Freedner

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, an intuitive and sometimes a medium. I have raised two beautiful children, now 19 and 21, owned 3 homes, 2 businesses and worked for 11 years as a professional henna artist. Most recently, I traveled solo for 7 months, walking the Camino de Santiago 700 miles across northern … Continue reading Rebecca Freedner

Sherri Glebus

Sherri Glebus, M.A. Serves the Divine Feminine as an Intuitive Counselor, Teacher and Spiritual Mentor. She will be offering healing and transformative Intuitive Tarot reading sessions for those seeking guidance, insight and clarity regarding any life issues or decisions.♥

Kiersten Bechtoldt

Kiersten Bechtoldt is a fun loving, free spirit mother of 3 who loves being involved in the festival scene and loves sharing her creative energy with her community. Kiersten has adorned fans with feathers and body paint for over six years. Kiersten has done the local Farmers market circle for body paint and many music festivals offering her feather hair extensions. … Continue reading Kiersten Bechtoldt

Gina Gaiotti

Gina was born with an innate intuition that the body is our sacred space to experience the gift of life on Earth.  She has been on a journey to find natural ways to keep her body, mind and spirit vital and evolving in a way Mother Nature intended. Gina started her Bodywork education at Centerpoint: … Continue reading Gina Gaiotti

Lindsay London

Lindsay explores life as a Wild Mama, risk taker, activist, attuned teacher and evolving practitioner, who has been trained as a Registered Nurse since 2009. Currently in Pediatrics, she holds an extensive background in Public and Reproductive Health. A deep passion for helping womyn led her to act as Rally Coordinator for the international organization … Continue reading Lindsay London

Jane Lanza

Jane Lanza began to devotedly study yoga and Buddhism in 2003 following a trip to Northern India. She was asked to teach yoga and meditation by one of her teachers in 2005. She was certified by Kripalu Center in 2006. Jane served as a TA at Kripalu Center for various YTT programs. In 2011, Jane … Continue reading Jane Lanza

Jennifer Simpson

Jenn Simpson is a mama to one precocious blond pixie and two fur babies, an outdoor enthusiast, and a passionate supporter of sustainably using nature’s gifts to live a healthy and fulfilled life.  She was blessed to attend all the previous retreats, and was called to participate on a deeper level by offering bodywork this … Continue reading Jennifer Simpson

Amanda Young

Amanda Young feels so blessed to fill her days doing what she loves! As a bodyworker, Doula, folk herbalist and yoga teacher, she has found her calling in the service of the holy wild and divine feminine. Her practice Shanti Mama Wellness, based in Burlington Vermont, blends all of her practices beautifully. She lives on … Continue reading Amanda Young

Morrigan Stark

Morrigan is a shamanic witch, artist and healer. Owner and conjuror of Morrigan Arts and Dreadfully gorgeous. Her passion is combining her various skills to bring healing, empowerment and personal growth to others. She shares stories of her own personal journey to healing and tips on living a more magical life in her blog “Machas … Continue reading Morrigan Stark

Kim Rossignol

Kim Rossignol is a psychic medium, Reiki and Shamballa master teacher and healer. Her business, Intuitive Healing Pathways focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit while incorporating Shamballa, sound balancing, Tibetan singing bowls, Tuning forks and many other modalities. At the present, she is focusing on readings, while she works as a personal caregiver … Continue reading Kim Rossignol

Molly Segelin

Blissful Healing Massage of Burlington, Vermont offers high quality massage therapy specializing in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reiki, Stone Medicine (Native American Hot Stone Massage), and Pre- and Peri-Natal massage since 2002. Molly Segelin is a certified massage therapist with extensive training in many healing modalities bringing you a massage session that is a favorite to many. … Continue reading Molly Segelin

Lillith Soleil

Lillith Soleil is a Shamanic Practitioner, Ordained Priestess, Reiki Master, and she is the Co-Founder of the Grove of the Grounded Tree, residing in Northern Vermont. She has also been studying Natural Medicine through the Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing, working towards her Doctorate in Natural Medicine. She follows the path of Druidry according to the … Continue reading Lillith Soleil

Shelli Rodriguez

I have been working in Cambridge VT for the last seven years as a licensed mental health and addictions counselor. I offer a peaceful, empowering space to strengthen one’s ability to elicit calming responses during stressful times, access emotional regulation skills, and focus on stress reduction. I will be offering forty five minute therapy sessions … Continue reading Shelli Rodriguez

Annette Gringas

Annette Gingras is a Therapeutic Crystal Healer; Reiki Master/Teacher since 2012 & has been attuning/working with crystals as allies for over 15 years. She teaches workshops on Crystals & Energetic Container Work and facilitates groups on Women’s Spirituality, Astrology & Tarot. Annette offers personal intuitive consultations and does Therapeutic crystal work for people, homes & businesses. … Continue reading Annette Gringas

Maria Carvalho Sandoval

Maria Carvalho Sandoval has a healing practice in downtown Burlington VT where she offers Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki with Crystals & Hawaiian Lomi Massage. She is also a fiber artist & jewelry designer. Her jewelry combines healing crystals which bring balance & harmony to those who wear them.  Maria facilitates workshops on art making, crystals & healing. … Continue reading Maria Carvalho Sandoval

Bela Layman

Bela is an open-hearted leo cub who is super joyful to have found the Medicine Womyn sisterhood.  She loves to eat and grow food, listen to and make music, to travel and to be still.  She is a Goddard College graduate who focused her studies on the connections of art, physics, water, and geometry.  She … Continue reading Bela Layman

Tammy Jordan

Tammy Jordan is the creator and owner of Healing Within, LLC. She was born and raised in Burlington, Vt and currently lives in Fairfax with her husband and 2 portuguese water dogs. She started her journey into holistic healing 6 years ago, starting with Essential Oils to Reiki and then into Sound Healing. She has … Continue reading Tammy Jordan

Gaby Goldberg

BIO Bodywork & massage are part of leading a healthy lifestyle. My mission is for clients to see massage therapy as part of their personal health and well-being program, not just a luxury. I offer this service to enhance how you feel and move through the world. I offer integrative massage that includes swedish, deep … Continue reading Gaby Goldberg