Ariel Bitner

Ariel is a traveler, artist, musician and professional healer. In her life she has explored many aspects of the humanities, through social and animal rights involvement, agriculture, architecture, and energetic and traditional plant based healing practices of the world. The flavors, colors, and notes of good frequency and health are Ariel’s language.
She has maintained a plant based philosophy for over 20 years infusing food  as medicine, and studied Western Herbalism and massage at the Southwest Healing Institute of Tempe, AZ as part of her education and practice there as an LMT from 2004-2008. Her travels abroad in Nicaragua and China have inspired greater participation in the global healing arts community.
For the past 7 years, she has traveled across the U.S. in a veggie oil powered bread truck, exploring alternative living/building  on farms across the country,creating  art and making music all along the way.