Colleen Ann

My intention is to support our community’s vital health by
sharing effective healing arts practices including plant medicines,
healing ritual, and nourishing food traditions – all the while,
fostering a lifestyle colored by the folk heritage of Vermont and
beyond. I strive to weave permaculture and social justice in my work.
I am grounded in the belief that healing ourselves is inseparable from
healing our communities and earth. In addition to my healing arts work, I am a nationally
published writer focusing on travel, plants, and garden education. I have
worked tirelessly for community non-profits with deep roots in the Vermont school garden movement and agricultural literacy programming.
I fill my days organizing community events, tending gardens, and foraging wild herbs and edibles in the rich Vermont landscape.  In my spare time, I bring my love of education and community building to my position as the director of a small town
library. Thank you for joining me on this journey.