Kiersten Bechtoldt

Kiersten Bechtoldt is a fun loving, free spirit mother of 3 who loves being involved in the festival scene and loves sharing her creative energy with her community. Kiersten has adorned fans with feathers and body paint for over six years. Kiersten has done the local Farmers market circle for body paint and many music festivals offering her feather hair extensions. Kiersten hand picks local feathers to combine them into beautiful feather hair extensions. These feathers are worn in the hair secured by a silicon coated hair extension bead and they can be worn as long as a couple of months without damage to your hair. These extensions are easily removed and can be re put in after they are removed. Feathers pricing is done by the bundle. Bundles of feathers are in groups of 3 for $12 or 5 for $20 (each bundle will be located at one secure spot on the scalp) Body paint and glitter tattoos will be available also $5 -$10 depending on design. Barters are welcomed. Kiersten looks forward to bringing some beautiful adornment to the ladies of this amazing retreat!!