Kim Rossignol

Kim Rossignol is a psychic medium, Reiki and Shamballa master teacher and healer. Her business, Intuitive Healing Pathways focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit while incorporating Shamballa, sound balancing, Tibetan singing bowls, Tuning forks and many other modalities. At the present, she is focusing on readings, while she works as a personal caregiver and office assistant and does readings in between working. Kim loves inspirational teachings and speaking and has conducted many workshops and is working on her dream of books to help heal the mind, body and spirit. Kim began giving readings in 2010, although she has had intuitive gifts and abilities since she was a child. Kim is predominantly clairsentient and clairvoyant and much of her intuitive messages come through feeling. She connects to spirit, whether it be guides, Source or loved ones who have crossed to deliver insight or messages from spirit. Kim can also do psychometry and automatic writing. At present, she is working on a book about healing lessons from the ocean. She has 4 children and lives with her youngest who are 18 and 14 in Lamoille County where she is surrounded by nature spirits she loves so much.