Kori Gelinas

Kori Gelinas is an earth mama and magick maker. She weaves her Gypsy Spirit with her Native roots to live peacefully in the Northern Green Mountains of Vt.  She is the founder of the Medicine Womyn Retreat as so much of her mission in this life is to bring womyn and the sister tribe back together and back to themselves.

She is a trained Herbalist and Aromatherapist and has Aromatic and Herbal Apothecaries in both Jeffersonville and Johnson, VT. Her private practice, Medicine Womyn Healing Arts & Apothecary is based on the herbs/plants she grows in her herbal labyrinth gardens at their family farmstead-(www.WillowCrossing.org) as well as what she wild-crafts around VT. Her Apothecaries are filled with organic teas, Herbs, Essential oils, Herbal infusions, Flower Essences, Natural Body care, Organic Perfumes etc.

Kori has a passion for teaching wellness to people of all ages, womyn especially but also children. She has been blessed with two daughters of her own and is totally inspired by the young innocent mind. She is a trained Yoga Teacher and goes into the Public School classroom to teach Yoga and mindfulness to the students weekly. She offers yoga classes in their yurt on their farm as well as other local yoga studios and retreats/events.

Kori has been studying Alternative Medicine her entire life and has built a very unique healing practice. She is certified in many bodywork modalities as well as being a Reiki master. Her and her partner Keith Morris of Prospect Rock Permaculture (www.ProspectRock.org) own and operate Willow Crossing Farm; a Permaculture/Herbal inspired Farmstead and Education Center. There they grow organic fruits, nuts, berries, trees and herbal medicine. They have a yurt classroom and offer educational classes, workshops, intensives year round. Most popular are the Annual PDC-Permaculture Design Certification and Medicine Womyn’s Retreats.  To set up a consultation or to know more, http://www.MedicineWomynHealing.org