Lillith Soleil

Lillith Soleil is a Shamanic Practitioner, Ordained Priestess, Reiki Master, and she is the Co-Founder of the Grove of the Grounded Tree, residing in Northern Vermont. She has also been studying Natural Medicine through the Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing, working towards her Doctorate in Natural Medicine. She follows the path of Druidry according to the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. Lillith’s ancestors were traditional folk healers in Ireland and Wales and she is following in their footsteps. Her work is influenced by the Druid traditions of ancient Ireland.

In addition, she has poured herself into the study and practice of Shamanism, the art of spiritual divination and healing through reaching altered states of consciousness.  Through the combination of both these ancient spiritual practices, Lillith is reviving the art of the Ueleda, a female Priestess dedicated to the education and healing of her community. She has trained in various forms of consciousness raising methods including Reiki, Crystal/Color Therapy, Dreamwork, Trance dancing and Primal Inter-relational therapy.

 Lillith brings warmth and compassion to her practice. She has strong values with regards to integrity, honesty, and openness, in particular, she believes in empowering the individual to find healing, knowledge, and wisdom within themselves.  In essence, she brings a full range of skills and techniques into a sacred, safe and confidential space so that another may enter and embark on a self-healing journey. She is available for one-to-one sessions for shamanic counseling and healing (soul retrieval, extraction, and journeying), Reiki, rituals and druidic ceremonies.

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