Lindsay London

Lindsay explores life as a Wild Mama, risk taker, activist, attuned teacher and evolving practitioner, who has been trained as a Registered Nurse since 2009. Currently in Pediatrics, she holds an extensive background in Public and Reproductive Health. A deep passion for helping womyn led her to act as Rally Coordinator for the international organization Improving Birth for four years, working to educate on birth rights, informed consent and the crucial importance of evidence–based care in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She has supported mothers in birth as an educator, advocate and doula, as well as providing placenta encapsulation for postpartum wellness. She is currently in training to become a Lactation Counselor to further expand her offerings.

In addition to her passion for all things yoni related, Lindsay loves to explore and share about whole food nutrition, fat-focused diets, the magical and vitally important microbiome, traditional medicine, intactivism, gentle/respectful parenting, sitting down and listening about intersectional feminism, writing poetry, singing loudly, dancing wildly and facing her own bullshit. A native West Texan with deep prairie roots, she now lives life in the gorgeous Green Mountains with her partner of  eight years and their two beautiful guides, their sons, ages one and four. You can connect further on her soon to be launched website,