Pam Aupperlee

Pam Auperlee has embraced the vibrational healing magic of flower essences for more than 10 years. She and her husband Rick live on less than an acre in Johnson village and have co­created essences from the many plants growing in their green sanctuary ­ fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees, wild plants and flowers. All the essences are co­created with gratitude, healing intention and love. Pam is a certified flower essence practitioner, having trained with Christine Tolf of Lichenwood, with Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz at the Flower Essence Society, and with Maureen Short of Lightheart. Pam offers essences and consultations from the “green room” in her village home, over the phone, or through email, and at local farmer’s markets where she and Rick enjoy great conversations with people about the healing power of flower essences. Pam can be reached at or 802­730­9109 or on facebook. Flower Power!♥