Rebecca Freedner

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, an intuitive and sometimes a medium. I have raised two beautiful children, now 19 and 21, owned 3 homes, 2 businesses and worked for 11 years as a professional henna artist.

Most recently, I traveled solo for 7 months, walking the Camino de Santiago 700 miles across northern Spain, practicing yoga, and working as a Reiki practitioner at a yoga/healing retreat center in Thailand and camping in a van which i drove all around New Zealand for a few months.

I am a teacher, learner, giver, lover, beauty maker and an eternal optimist. I see your highest potential and endeavor to shine in those hidden places so that you may also begin to see and feel your own beautiful divinity.

I have been enchanted by energy and mysticism since childhood. Its been such a tremendous gift to continue to learn and hone my skills as an intuitive, through work with my clients. Its an honor to witness life changing moments of realization and transformation which happen during our sessions.