Terri Evans

Serving Naples, FL since 1991 and is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician, AP988 certified in: Chinese Herbology, Homeopathy, Acupuncture Face Lift, Dr. Tan, Koryo Hand Acupuncture, Bio-Terrain Sciences, Acupuncture Injection Therapy, Cold (low level) laser, Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Endocrinology and Beyond Nutrition.  Terri has taken her knowledge, education and experience and developed the “Magnify Your Health Program” http://www.drterrievans.com, and is the Director and owner of TAE Healthy Aging Center. http://www.taehealthyagingcenter.com

Member of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association

Licensed Massage Therapist from 1992 until 2010, certified in: Neuromuscular therapy, Shiatsu and Medical Qi-Gong. She helped hundreds of massage students receive their state license in massage therapy as a massage instructor for four years.

Facial Specialist FB0712064 (esthetician) since 1991 certified in: Myontonology, Clinical Aromatherapy, International Dermal Institute. Terri developed Acupuncture Facelift in 1997 and has achieved a Master level with her experience in this treatment. Terri helped hundreds of esthetic’s students receive their state certificate as an esthetic’s instructor for three years and was voted a “5-Star Educator” by the American Aesthetic Education Association.

Developed and teaches Reflection-ologyTM, an advanced skin analysis based upon internal imbalances, internal vs external skin conditions, toxic excesses, nutritional deficiencies and emotional mapping with ongoing certification classes in Naples.

Developed and teaches ingredient knowledge with an intimate and in depth understanding of skincare ingredients in her “Skincare Apothecary” certification course.  She pulls together her extensive herbal, homeopathy and clinical aromatherapy knowledge and presents it in a cohesive, easy to understand method that leads the participant into custom blending and a much higher degree of understanding of ingredient knowledge. 

Websites:  www.whoareyou-theway.com