Willow Crossing Farm

Willow Crossing Farm is an experimental and educational organic family farm, and the birthplace of the Prospect Rock Permaculture Project and Medicine Womyn Healing Arts & Apothecary.

We grow a diversity of nuts, fruit trees, vines, berries, vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs and teas, sell nursery plants, produce eggs and honey, and host a variety of educational programs.  We research, innovate, experiment, evaluate, demonstrate, and educate about new crops, techniques, and value-added products that have the potential to be both profitable and ‘ecologically regenerative’.  Our mission embodies permaculture design as an economically viable farm and homestead that increases ecological health while meeting human needs.
The site itself is rich alluvial floodplain and floodplain terrace, including ponds, wetlands, upland forest, and over 3/4 miles of Lamoille River edge.  While mismanaged in the past (from an ecological perspective), we are slowly creating a sanctuary for wildlife: birds, insects, rare and endangered wetland and riparian plants and animals; and connecting people to the natural world and cultivated diversity.

In addition to earning a living, offering employment for friends and neighbors, and producing an abundance of nutrient dense organic food and medicines to our community- our goals include welcoming the wildlife that shares our farmland, providing refuge and habitat for birds, bees, and other insects, and contributing to a healthy watershed for our valley by connecting people with wild nature and regenerative human ecology for purposes of healing both the land and ourselves.

We also host workshops on natural beekeeping; fruit and nut tree pruning, grafting, and propagation; natural building; and permaculture design.

 Medicine Womyn Healing Arts & Botanicals (www.MedicineWomynHealing.org) is run by Kori Gelinas- Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Yoga teacher, Bodyworker and crafter of custom blended teas, tinctures and other herbal medicines for clients from our gardens and Apothecary