Additional Offerings

Over the years of building the Medicine Womyn’s Retreat, we have connected with an incredible tribe of womyn healers, teachers and warriors who are deeply connected to the sacred feminine, the earth and regeneration. These incredible ladies will be here with us during the retreat, and are offering their wisdom and healing services to you for an additional fee. Read below to learn about their unique offerings, and simply click on their email address to connect directly with them to ask any questions and book your sessions. I highly suggest treating yourself to at least 1 service while you are here to really honor and practice the art of self care & to connect with these incredible healers. We do ask that ideally everything is pre-paid and scheduled prior to the retreat but there will most likely be a few free slots to sign up for the days of, however to guarantee your session with a specific healer or person, we recommend contacting them before hand. Thank you for your support.

Many Blessings


~Jennifer Simpson dove into a life of healing arts 20 years ago, first in emergency services, and then as a physical therapist. She blends traditional physical therapy techniques with intuitive assessment and healing, using a combination of massage, natural medicines, joint mobilization, and trigger point dry needling.  She offers both relaxation and restorative/pain-specific treatments.

Jenn will be offering 30 minute sessions for $30, or 60 minute sessions for $60 on Saturday August 5th.  She is open to bartering as well.  She will have a few massage oils/lotions to choose from, or bring your own if you prefer. Please email her to set up a time.

~Gina Gaiotti will be offering 3 unique treatments that include pure therapeutic aromas and hot Himalayan salt poultices.

Gina will also offer 30, 60 or 90 minute custom sessions $1 per minute

*30 Minute Energy Balancing (More physical and vigorous) $30

*60 Minute Energy Vitalizing Treatment (Cleanse the Lymph and improve flow of energy) $60

*60 Minute Chakra Treatment (Connect with causal body and work on the abdomen honoring the 3rd chakra and your sense of self) $60

to book a session email


~Renata Blanchard will be offering massage on Sunday August 6th

Renaya Blanchard is a massage therapist at ‘Rejuvenation’ holding a BS in wellness and alternative medicine and is a qualified mental health professional. She is a native Vermonter and her journey as a healer began about 13 years ago. Recognizing that every body is beautiful, special and unique to the individual, has inspired her to use different modalities with each massage given. Such as divine Intuition, acupressure, hot stone, hand and feet reflexology, hot pads, love, trust and understanding. Through working with Renata, your body will have the opportunity to detox as well as clear negativity and fill up with positive vibrations and universal love. 
Renata can be contacted at 802.860.8195, email her @, or add her on facebook.


~Ilana Sobo will be offering mini Herbal and Ayurvedic Consultations at this years retreat. If there are some health challenges you are hoping to heal at the time, she would be honored to assist you in creating a gentle and successful path to wellness. Sessions are 30 minutes for $30.00

~Pam Auperlee will be offering flower essence custom blends as well as teaching a workshop on Flower Essences and has a booth in the marketplace


~Sherri Glebus M.A will be offering healing and transformative Intuitive Tarot reading sessions for those seeking guidance, insight and clarity regarding any life issues or decisions. 20 minutes for $20


~Morgan Stark with Mountain Mystic Arts will be offering ceremonial style haircuts/transformations. Where intention is woven into the new look and the old hair is burned as an offering and symbolism of parting with the past. Hair tinsel, wraps, dreadlocks and ornamental hair pieces infused with magic will also be available. *Intention setting cuts and dreadlocks by donation. Spell wraps $10 & tinsel $5. The ornaments and hairpieces will all be individually priced

~Rebecca Freedner is offering sacred henna adornment for the hands.

10-15 min $20 or large session for $45

~Kiersten  Satterfield Bechtoldt is offering Hair Feathers and Body Paint

Kiersten hand picks local feathers to combine them into beautiful feather hair extensions. These feathers are worn in the hair secured by a silicon coated hair extension bead and they can be worn as long as a couple of months without damage to your hair. These extensions are easily removed and can be re put in after they are removed. Feathers pricing is done by the bundle.

Bundles of feathers are in groups of 3 for $12 or 5 for $20 (each bundle will be located at one secure spot on the scalp). Body paint and glitter tattoos will be available also $5 -$10 depending on design. Barters are welcomed.