Preparing for the Retreat


stay tuned!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUMMER RETREATS AT WILLOW CROSSING FARM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Regardless of the weather forecast, we will be prepared to move forward with the retreat RAIN or SHINE! We have a large classroom, big tents, a 30ft and a 16ft Yurt, and tons of covered shelters for classes and workshops, so don’t be afraid of a little weather:) In fact it tends to bring sisters together even more and add a touch of adventure to the weekend:)

~Once you have registered and paid, it becomes official…your space is saved and you are well on your way to attending this amazing nourishing retreat ~*~ Congrats for honoring the art of self care and gifting yourself this unforgettable experience!!  Now is the time to think about what you will need to start gathering for the big weekend. Here is a list that may be helpful, (and probably a bit overboard) BUT non the less, here are several things that I think would be really useful to have with you while camping with us at Willow Crossing Farm.

*Bathing Suit


*Yoga Mat

*Yoga clothes

*2+ days of comfortable clothes-knowing the weather in Vt…it could be really hot and sunny or chilly and wet? so come prepared for both….i suggest packing anything that makes you feel super comfortable….flowy clothes that allow you to move about and dance and/or sit for any given amount of time. (We will be doing both)

*Water bottle

*Plate, bowl, mug, cup, utensils….(we ask for you to use your own all weekend to cut down on work for the chefs in the kitchen)

*drum (for our drumming workshop) or *any kind of musical instruments

*tent/tarps…typical camping supplies

*sleeping bag/sleeping pad/pillow/blankets etc



*bug spray (and extra layers of clothes cause the bugs have been intense this year with all this rain!!)

*proper footwear…there is a river for swimming, trails for hiking, lots of open ground for walking about but things can be a bit sharp for bare feet. There also is some poison Ivy on the land, it will be pointed out but again, come prepared



~If you happen to have a surplus of veggies or fruits or herbs coming out of your garden this time of year, feel free to make an offering to the chef crew and they will transform your homegrown creations into nourishment for the weekend

~Please bring a few fresh or dried flowers, to donate to the art area where we will be making flower crowns and smudge wands

~Travel Chair, blanket or Cushion to sit on during lectures

~biz cards, stuff for networking and staying in touch with all these amazing ladies once you leave


~poem/chant/song to share

~journal or notebook with pen/pencil to take notes during lectures


**There will be a Marketplace to shop, so I would suggest bringing some cash to treat yourself to a little something special. There will be Jewelry, Crystals and Gemstones, Herbal Medicines and Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Natural Bodycare Products, Photography, Clothing etc

**There also will be several beautiful areas reserved for Healing sessions….We have a tribe of incredible ladies offering bodywork, wellness consultations, tarot/divination and Henna. For more info, look under  the ‘Additional Offerings’ here on the website and make sure to book yourself a little session with one or several of these incredible sisters. Sessions are between $30-$60, so I highly recommend hooking yourself up while you are on the farm to make it that much more special and transformative….