August 5-6th 2017 Summer Retreat @Willow Crossing Farm

*SATURDAY August 5th, 2017 (we are still finalizing the little details here, so please keep checking in for updates on the schedule)

9:00-9:45am Arrival & Check in

10-10:30am Opening Circle & basic overview of the weekend with Ariel, Katrina and Kori

10:30-11:00am Invocation with Fletcher Boote.

Center and mindfully prepare for your retreat journey. Ancient invocations to the Goddess, sanskrit mantra and sacred sound-making will fine tune our hearts and souls so that together, our voices vibrate as one.

11:15-12:15pm Heart Opening Ceremony with Katrina Coravos

12:30-1pm  Intro to the Herbal Labyrinth and Earth Loom with Kori Gelinas and Jenn Stelma

1-2pm Lunch by Katie Baas

2:00-3:15pm Wisdom Within with Terri Evans

Discover: Your unique individuality ·How to listen to what your body needs to maintain health and achieve your goals. · How to become the expert in your life and put the authority back in your health program.  ·All the awesome capabilities we have access to when we learn how to tap into the wisdom within.

The human body does an amazing balancing act day in and day out, constantly striving for middle ground.  We create dis-ease when our diet and lifestyle habits push our bodies so hard that it can no longer create balance, leaving the door open to dis-ease eventually leading to disease.  Information is definitely plentiful and can create confusion as to what works for you.  Disease happens when our bodies can no longer juggle our stress-ors and becomes so imbalanced that it throws off our entire internal eco-system.  The imbalances open the door for a cascade of events leading to symptoms, dis-ease and even a breakdown of systems:  disease.

3:30-4:45pm  ANCIENT MEDICINE IN OUR MODERN WORLD with Jane Lanza and Amanda Young

To practice self-care as siSTARS we explore two ancient modalities (backed by contemporary research): Thai Yoga and Herbal Medicine. The principles of Traditional Thai Medicine are rooted in an ancient view of health that views the human being as a composite of body, energy and spirit (mind/heart). We work to heal all levels in this class. Through Thai body work, understanding the Thai notion of Wai Khru and compassion through Metta Meditation, and use of locally grown Vermont herbs and herbal body applications for healing – restore, find balance, and connect with others.  

5:00-6:15pm Partnered Play with Abbi Jaffe

Support is all around us.  Our first partner is the earth, gravity, and whatever is present for us in the moment.  After tuning in and connecting intimately with ourselves we will see what possibilities exist in partnering with others.  Acro Yoga and Contact Improvisation will provide clear invitations to discover new possibilities.  Acro Yoga is a practice of having a base, flier, and often a spotter.  You might be surprised how easy and satisfying it can be to support someone’s whole weight and fly them in relaxing or acrobatic postures.  Contact Improvisation is an exploration of movement by listening with our bodies through a moving point of contact.  It is a meeting point of physics and meditation, investigated within the body and in dialogue with another.We will tend to ourselves while in relationship with another, learn safe ways to share and receive weight, cultivate awareness and listening, release tension and discover more playfulness.  Abbi’s classes are trauma informed.  All are welcome.  No prior experience required.

6:15-7:15pm Dinner by Katie Baas

7:30pm Spiral Dance with Tina and Back to Bhakti Jam with Fletcher, Katrina, Jenn etc.  Join voices, rhythms, hearts for an open jam session. bring your favorite songs, chants, poems, movements etc. Also please bring any kind of drums, and any other instruments to make music and rise up together:)

***SUNDAY August 6th, 2017***

7:30-9am Yoga Flow with Fletcher

9:15-10:30am Flower Essence Workshop with Pam Aupperlee

Join Pam, out among the flowers, to indulge in flower essence vibrational healing magic. Sample some of Pam’s amazing flower essences co-created @ Willow Crossing Farm, and leave with an essence. Pam will start an essence and during the workshop, everyone will bottle and label one for themselves.

10:45-12pm  Sacred Anatomy: A Whole Womyn Guide To Yoni Care: with Lindsay London

This lively and informative class takes a comprehensive look at our sacred anatomy and what it means to hold this powerful space within our bodies. Examining the roots and history of the words we use to describe ourselves, we will look at the power of language in body identity and self-love. We will then explore the outer and inner anatomy, including our updated understanding of the amazing clitoris, a deeply misunderstood source of both power and pleasure. Our conversation will include an overview on common yoni challenges, how to self-treat, and when to seek care. As we go further, we will look into energetic wounds and pelvic health, looking into the second and third Chakras and how cultural, societal, familial and personal histories can block energy flow and create dis-ease. Finally, we will explore the Four Pillars of Whole Womyn Care: Nutrition, Creation, Pleasure and Emotional Health, including how we can create a wellness plan to love, care for, heal and celebrate your Sacred Anatomy within your Whole Self. This class aims to be inclusive to all female-identified persons throughout the lifespan. A companion zine will be available with the class for a small donation.

12-1pm lunch by Katie and crew

1-2:15pm “Health, Happiness and The Emotional Body” with Maureen Short
Living in today’s world of the great shift is an intense experience and
we may find ourselves out of balance on occasion. In this workshop, Maureen
will share some tools and techniques to bring ourselves back into the
balance of emotional flow, creating greater peace, love and contentment in
our daily lives. You’ll enjoy a beautiful guided journey with Goddess Quan
Yin- the Goddess of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Mercy.

2:30-3:30 Plant Spirit Medicines with Amela Hall

The weaving of plants and planets This workshop will dive into plant and planetary consciousness and the rich tapestry of relationship they weave together here on the earth.

3:45-5pm Final Shares and Closing Circle