Additional Offerings

Over the years of building the Medicine Womyn’s Retreat, we have connected with an incredible tribe of womyn healers, teachers and warriors who are deeply connected to the sacred feminine, the earth and her regeneration. Many of these incredible ladies will be here with us during the retreat, and are offering their wisdom and healing services to you for an additional fee. Read below to learn about their unique offerings, and simply click on their email address to connect directly with them to ask any questions and book your sessions. I highly suggest treating yourself to at least 1 service while you are here to really honor yourself as well as practice the art of self care with these incredible healers. We do ask that ideally everything is pre-paid and scheduled prior to the retreat but there will most likely be a few free slots to sign up for the days of, however to guarantee your session with a specific healer or person, we recommend contacting them before hand. Thank you for your support.

Many Blessings


~Ariel Bitner will offer mind, body, spirit energetic healing sessions which may include cranial sacral, intuitive energetic grounding & rewiring, clearing  and cellular re-mapping, assisted thai yoga. Working with our vibrational allies of voice, stones, tuning fork, crystal singing bowl and more. She will be available both days of the retreat and individual, couple or group sessions can be scheduled from 30 minutes-2 hours ($1 per minute with barter also possible).

(216) 905-8361

~Gaby Goldberg will be offering Shiatsu Japanese energy balancing therapeutic body treatment. Shiatsu is done while client is fully clothed in light or stretchy attire. Shiatsu works through pressure points along your body’s energy meridians which are connected to different physical organs and systems of the body.


Contact to book:
Offering: Oil massage & reiki. Focused on back, spine, & neck
$1/minute – 30 or 45 minutes. Add CBD $5. Can accept cash on-site or venmo @gabygyoga/ in advance.

~Jennifer Simpson will be offering 30 minute sessions for $30, or 60 minute sessions for $60 .  She is open to bartering as well.  She will have a few massage oils/lotions to choose from, or bring your own if you prefer. Please email her to set up a time.

 Jennifer dove into a life of healing arts 20 years ago, first in emergency services, and then as a physical therapist. She blends traditional physical therapy techniques with intuitive assessment and healing, using a combination of massage, natural medicines, joint mobilization, and trigger point dry needling.  She offers both relaxation and restorative/pain-specific treatments.
~Molly Segelin with ‘Blissful Healing” will be available for massage 
 She will be offering 30 minutes sessions for $30 that include Swedish and Deep Tissue. She will also be offering 30 min CBD infused massages for $40.

~Tammy Jordan will be offering Sound Healing Sessions. Her services include but are not limited to, Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Reiki, Yoga, Bodywork, Essential Oil therapy and Raindrop technique by Young Living.Please contact Tammy for further information and or to set up an appointment

Tammy Jordan

(802) 363.5068


~Lillith Soleil
Shamanic Pattern Release
Using the art of Shamanic energy field clearing with a moose bone, sacred plants, and herbal flower water we help clear the energy field of any stored or trapped energy that resides in the body. We then incorporate drumming or Stone tapping to clear and release old ancestral patterns. For those who experience the effects of ptsd, depression, anxiety this module of healing is extremely effective at restoring balance in the body.
$1 min/ 30 min or a more in-depth 60 min Session
Extraction Healing
In the extraction healing process, with the assistance of one or more helping spirits, I will scan and remove any energetic intrusions from the client’s spirit body. Such intruding energies can lead to physical, emotional and mental disease, not because these energies are particularly “bad” but rather because they do not belong within us. The removal is done in an easy and compassionate way, and the helping spirit ensures that the intrusions get back to where they belong. Often, an empowerment of compassionate boundaries is included as part of the healing session. In every session, the helping spirit gives the client an infusion of healing power.
$1min 30 min session
Sacred Divination and Shamanic Journeywork
During a shamanic divination session or a Shamanic journey, together we will access divinely aligned information from your Spirit Guides, and get you answers to the questions you need and actionable solutions.
$1 min 15 minute and 30 minute sessions
to book a session email :


~Ilana Sobo will be offering mini Herbal and Ayurvedic Consultations at this years retreat. If there are some health challenges you are hoping to heal at the time, she would be honored to assist you in creating a gentle and successful path to wellness. Sessions are 30 minutes for $30.00


~Kim Rossignol will be available for sessions 

Kim Rossignol with “Intuitive Healing Pathways” will be offering 30 min readings. You may choose a psychic card reading or medium reading. Within the reading choice we will connect with spirit for insight, guidance and loving messages. Readings will be aprox. 20 minutes to allow for 10 minutes to ask questions you may have for spirit. 30 minute readings are $30. Readings are a wonderful gift for the soul and provide beautiful messages to uplift, guide and heal.

Shelli Rodriguez:

I have been working in Cambridge VT for the last seven years as a licensed mental health and addictions counselor. I offer a peaceful, empowering space to strengthen one’s ability to elicit calming responses during stressful times, access emotional regulation skills, and focus on stress reduction. I will be offering forty five minute therapy sessions at the retreat focused on providing emotional support, how one can feel more empowered while experiencing difficult emotions and psycho education of how stress impacts the mind & body responses. Pricing $30 a session. I can accept some insurances with completion of basic paperwork. 

to set up a session with her, email

Rebecca Freedner

Energy Medicine Sessions/Intuitive Guidance: The foundation of my practice is in reiki, although my sessions have transformed to be much more fluid, creative, and personalized. Reiki is a very old Japanese practice of moving energy to assist in shifting the body from a place of stagnation or imbalance, to one of synergy and homeostasis. Everything is energy! Shifting the energy in the body has an immediate affect on our physiology, as well as our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is a powerful, yet gentle hands-on healing modality. During the process I will act as a conduit, offering your body potent, bright, loving universal energy. This is often felt as warmth on the skin as well as deeply in the body, and/or seen as colorful light behind the eyelids. Sometimes the experience of receiving unconditional love can feel euphoric! I will place my hands on, or hover above your head, shoulders, heart, solar plexus, abdomen, arms and legs. Sometimes these session are very quiet and other times they’re chatty. I invite you to always be comfortable to share whatever you’re feeling at any given moment. There is a reason those thoughts are coming to the surface, and vocalizing them is a powerful way to move the energy! My clients leave with a renewed sense of confidence, and a powerful determination to live proactively into the life they wish to have.

to set up a session with Rebecca, check out


~Kiersten  Satterfield Bechtoldt is offering Hair Feathers and Body Paint

Kiersten hand picks local feathers to combine them into beautiful feather hair extensions. These feathers are worn in the hair secured by a silicon coated hair extension bead and they can be worn as long as a couple of months without damage to your hair. These extensions are easily removed and can be re put in after they are removed. Feathers pricing is done by the bundle.

Bundles of feathers are in groups of 3 for $12 or 5 for $20 (each bundle will be located at one secure spot on the scalp). Body paint and glitter tattoos will be available also $5 -$10 depending on design. Barters are welcomed.


*Izzy Beckman with Banana Threads. One of a kind clothing and accessories made from upcycled materials. http://www.BananaThread.ME– online shop located on website

*Ariel Bitner with Curious Cat Elixirs will be offering herbal vinegars

*Kori Gelinas with Medicine Womyn Healing Arts & Apothecary will be selling herbal and botanical medicines, essential oils and aroma-therapeutic products, natural body care etc…locally grown and hand crafted at Willow Crossing Farm. and

*Jennifer Khan jewelry for the modern bohemian, artists, yogis, professionals, mothers, artists, teachers, servers, live-music seekers, tea drinkers, organic food eaters, deep thinkers and all those who appreciate comfort and style.

*Maria Carvalho Sandoval of Fire Bird Art House. Selling handmade crochet, macrame, wire, leather jewelry and body adornment with healing crystals, feathers and natures gifts.

*Maureen Short with Light Heart Healing Arts. Selling jewelry (all stones are cleared, blessed and charged with the perfect blessings for the wearer) and Lightheart Flower essences from Vt, Sedona, the Carribbean and Canadian Rockies.

*Tulsi Erin Kaiyote with Leather Warrior

(802) 236-9192
I will be selling:
  • Leather wares: medicine bags, pouches, feather earrings, and jewelry.
  • Flower essences made with: local wild-harvested flowers, organic rum, and white vinegar
  • Raw CBD infused cacao truffles, made with cbd infused coconut oil, coconut mana, raw cacao, and local honey
*Leather Warrior manifested out of the sharing of crafting skills, from brother to sister. Tulsi has intertwined her already acquired knowledge of herbalism, gemstones, and animal/plant spirit medicine, with her new-found – yet deeply-rooted ancestral affinity for working with leather to craft utility belts aka ‘power pieces’, cuffs, wallets, medicine bags & pouches. She also offers Reiki healing, works with ‘Food As Medicine’ – providing lifestyle coaching via nutrition/health awareness, as well as raw infused cbd & honey cacao truffles, Herbal & plant spirit medicines – offering flower essences that are local/wild-harvested in Vermont. To see more of her work or get in touch: