~9:30 am Doors open, register and settle in

~10am: Opening Circle with Kori Gelinas and staff

   Grounding and Blessing with Lindsay London

~10:30am-12pm: Water Blessing Ceremony into Invocation with Fletcher, Kori and staff

~12-1pm Lunch made by Katie Baas and Lucky Star Catering

~1-2pm. Two options to choose from here…

A. Herbal Allies for Strength and Resilience with Ilana Sobo

B. Labyrinth Journey with Maureen Short

~2:15-3:45 Sound Healing and Embodied Movement with Fletcher Boote and Tammy Jordan

~4-5pm Self Love Heart Shares 

~5:00-5:30 Drumming, Celebrating and RISING UP!

~5:30-6pm Closing Circle

~6pm Retreat complete, until next time….


This summers retreat will be located at the beautiful and wild Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, Vt. We have an epic weekend lined up for y’all! Amazing teachers are coming from all over the country and beyond, ridiculously magickal workshops, classes and ceremonies to share and time in between to shop, get healings, readings and just relax and nourish.

Below is a loose schedule and will be updated more as we get closer to the actual retreat. Keep in mind, everything is based on ‘retreat time’ which can shift a little to support the natural flow…

We are all so excited to share our wisdom, passion, laughter and the retreat magic with yall so soon!

Together We Rise!

***FRIDAY AUGUST 16, 2019***

8:30am-10am: Arrival, check in, set up tent if there is time etc…

10-11am: Opening Circle 

11:00-12:00pm: Invocation with Fletcher Boote

As we set the tone for the weekend, our voices become a sweet salve to comfort heavy hearts, and a mighty catalyst for joy, reverence, transformation and loving kindness. We will tune into our own goddess sound and sing a chorus of delight and love for all beings.

12-1:00pm: Lunch by Lucky Star Catering

1:15-3:15pm: Co-creating with the Faerie Folk; Magick and Miracles for our ailing World with Fearn Lickfield

3:30-5pm: Homeopathy for self-care and consciousness: stimulating the vital force for optimal health with Dr. Tara Pollock

In this workshop, we will explore the healing modality of homeopathy and learn how to use it at home for first aid, acute illnesses, and emotional difficulties.  Learn how to utilize this energetic medicine to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities in a safe and gentle manner.

5:15-6:15pm: Thoughts and Personal Power…Healing the Hard Stuff with Joy Edgerton and Keli McBride

This one hour workshops offers insight as to why you may not be living your best life, how and why we can get and stay stuck along with techniques that promote personal power, and forward momentum. There will be a hand out with life-altering workshop opportunities and an exercise that involves nature. If you’ve been stuck, are currently stuck, or wonder why life can feel like a struggle, this presentation might be for you to apply and or use to help a friend.

6:30-7:30pm dinner by Lucky Star Catering

7:45-9pm: Voice Activation workshop with Tiffany Pfieffer-Carr

Many people, especially women, have trouble accessing their voice. We are taught that some voices should not be heard, should sound a certain way, or for whatever reason may feel like our voice is just not strong, or comes out wrong. We may also store memories there that are hard to revisit, so we hold back—but when ready, by vibrating there consciously in a safe space, we can heal. Through this workshop, we will journey together into our voices, exploring deep, resonant, authoritative tones, the sharp-cutting or soul-soothing mid-range, and the freeing and wild space of the high and open voice. We will practice relaxing our throats and jaws and shaping our mouths and lips to create space to resonate, play with vowel color, and experience potent, transformative frequencies. We will also explore the mechanism of breath—where it starts, where it lives, and how it dissipates. Like the bow on a stringed instrument, the breath moves along and vibrates the vocal chords with steady strength, a light breeze, or in chops and waves, depending on how we use it. Through our journey, you will gain tools to activate your voice, as it naturally wants to exist, in its full power.

9-11pm: Fire Side drumming, dancing and singing circle 

***SATURDAY AUGUST 17th, 2019***

7-8:30am: Breakfast 

9-10:30am: Sound Healing and Soul Vibration with Fletcher Boote. 

Fletcher uses her voice accompanied by harmonium, singing bowls, tingshas and tamboura to weave a tapestry or immersive sound-a prayer for profound healing. Passive gentle movements, and intuitive sound making bring about transformation on a cellular level and soothe our physical, emotional, ancestral, global bodies. No yoga experience necessary

11-12:30pm: The Power and Magick of Trees with Maureen Short

In this workshop we’ll give the Trees so much love and gratitude as we explore becoming one with their healing medicine. Maureen is almost 100% Irish with a deep ancestral connection to Mother Nature. Several lifetimes as a Druid and many as a witch healer offer their wisdom to share. In these times of the great shift, we are loving Mother Earth to ease Her birthing into the new ways. We’ll practice an ancient exercise to blend spiritually with the Trees for mutual healing and communion, grounding deeply as we reach for the heavens!

12:45-1:45pm: Lunch

2-3:30pm: Ceremony with Katrina Coravos. 

Together we will dive into the roots of our world, to the ancient ones who are supporting us to rise in our power!


Soft Hearts, Strong Boundaries with Annette Gingras & Maria Carvalho Sandoval

In safe, ceremonial space we will release all that no longer serves us & receive healing blessings from Goddess. We will witness, reflect & remember together. We will journey within, guided by the drum, to resonate more clearly with Mother Earth’s crystal core & our own beating hearts. Through discussion, guided meditation & sound healing we will become more aware of our energy bodies & the threads that keep us tethered, strengthen our energetic boundaries, soften our hearts & open more to our soul’s full expression on Earth.

5:45-6:45pm: Dinner

6:45-7:45pm Sacred Kink with Rebecca Freedner

Join her in an informal conversation over dessert as we discuss what is Sacred Kink? What does it mean to follow our desires to the edge, and possibly even beyond? How can we bring reverence to the most primal desires and taboo fantasies?

8-8:45pm: Dragon dance with Fearn Lickfield

The Dragon Dance is a practice combining gentle repetitive movement, breath, visualization and energy work to activate the Dragons within ourselves and in the land. By dancing together in a circle we will build, dedicate and send love and power into the web to all beings with the Dragons ROAR

9-11pm Fire circle, drumming, dancing, singing…

***SUNDAY AUGUST 18, 2019***

7-8:30am Breakfast

8:30-10:30am: Final Circle; check-in and shares from guests

10:45-12:15pm: Woman, Beat your own Drum! with Leanne Babcock

In a time when we are breaking away from the old molds, the old habits of who we used to be, who we thought we should be….we, women, are stepping into a time of becoming who we truly are, a time of spreading our wings, planting new seeds for the future and establishing new, strong roots.

In this 90 minute session, we will journey deep into ourselves, unlocking our ancestral DNA and remembering who we are. There will be meditation, a shamanic healing journey and some drumming.

Come prepared…to meet…yourself.

12:30-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30-3pm Honey in the Heart: An Introduction to the Path of Pollen with Nicole Burke

European Honeybee Shamanism, also known as the Path of Pollen, is an ancient and ever changing gyno-centric tradition that exalts the sweet honeybee as a sacred glyph, teacher and guide. Through this introductory exploration of some of the secret practices held by this arcane tradition, we follow the wisdom of the bee in winged flight to move between worlds. In these ways, we come to know both the freedom and ecstasy resulting from deep communion with the unseen world around us, only to return to the sweet inner knowings discoverable in the dark depths of the Divine nektary within. We take pause as we move between this ingress and egress to embody the gnosis that flows forth as a result of the opening of this liminal doorway.

3:15-5pm Final Circle & Closing Ceremony 

(For anyone who wants to stay and lend a hand afterwards with breaking down tents, and alters and loading things into cars please contact Kori Gelinas)

We would be so grateful