As we move deeper into spring here in northern Vt, and think more about the upcoming growing season, its hard not to start feeling the stirrings within and around us. Things are waking up here, starting to have the courage to burst forth after staying dormant for a long winter. As we tune into the rhythms of nature herself, we may be feeling some of the same inspirations. This is a great time to start walking barefoot on the earth again, slowing down and listening to things as they wake up. We are doing just that as we begin to plan for this upcoming Medicine Womyns retreat. #9!!

We will be informing you all of the schedule as we get closer to the retreat, things shift and become more clear as we keep listening to the needs of the guests, of the staff and the medicine for these times.

thank you for your patience and tune back in here this summer for more info



March 23, 2019

Our 8th Bi-annual Medicine Womyns Retreat is located at the “All Souls Interfaith Gathering” in Shelburne, Vt. 10am-6pm

Doors Open Saturday March 23rd, at 9:15 am and we encourage you to come early as there are many Medicine Womyn attending this sacred retreat and there are a few things that will need to be taken care of as you arrive.

9:15-9:55am Check in with Kori,  Joy and staff at the registration area

10-10:40 Opening Circle with Kori and tribe

10:40-11:15am Invocation with Fletcher Boote

We begin our day by voicing the sounds from our roots and our wings. We will sing in reverence to our Mother, as we vision our roots going into the Earth.

11:30-1pm “From The Stars We Come, To The Stars We Return-Lemurian Teachings from the Star Mother Goddess” with Maureen Short

1-2pm Lunch by Katie Baas and the Lucky Star kitchen witches

2-3:30pm “From Roots to Wings Ceremony” with Katrina Coravos

Together we celebrate and honor the deep taproot we are grounded into as we spread our wings and become our true selves: with our hearts forward and our love anchored in the Earth Mother.

3:30-3:45pm snack by Lucky Star and silent auction drawings with Jennifer Simpson


~”Opening Up to Sweet Surrender”.

Gentle restful movement and sound healing with Fletcher Boote


~Craft N’ Magick with Morrigan Stark~

Morrigan Stark is a hedge witch, artist & human BE-ing who will be guiding us in creating magical tools, Learn the magical purposes of color & how to create with intention. The items you create will be consecrated in ceremony and you will be given instruction on how to use them on your healing journey. Check out her website to learn more about the other services she has to offer.

5-6pm Closing Circle with Kori, Katrina and the Medicine Womyn tribe

6pm Retreat concludes for now until Aug 16-18, 2019







~August 11th, 2018~

*10-11:15am Opening Circle and retreat details with Kori Gelinas and staff

*11:30-12:30 Invocation with Fletcher Boote

*12:30-1:30 Lunch by Lucky Star Catering

*1:30-3pm  (2 tracks at once in different classrooms)

#1. Tour of Metta Earth with Gillian Kapteyn Comstock

#2 Rapture of the Deep Earth with Morrigan Stark and Sandy Crow:  In ceremony be lead into nature. Connect with the heartbeart of Momma Earth and sing and dance the song of the land.

*3:30-5:30 pm Ceremony with Katrina Coravos “The Magick of our Wombs”

In this ceremony, we will connect, and move from our womb space, our inner temples, to activate, ignite, and unleash the power of what it means to be a womban. We will release any layers of oppression that may live there, any messages that may be holding us back from fully stepping into our power. Together, we will hold one another as we free ourselves from the shackles, and harness the power we all possess.

5:45-6:45pm Dinner with Lucky Star Catering

7-7:45pm Mini workshop with Jeanette Bacevius “Finding your Voice”

8-9:30pm on…Wild Womyn Singing, drumming, dancing and howling by the fire…

~SUNDAY AUGUST 12th, 2018~

*7am-9am breakfast buffet by Lucky Star Catering

*8-9:30am Morning Check in

*9:45-11:15am (2 tracks happening at the same time in different locations)

#1.Yoga; The Healing Power of Sound with Fletcher Boote in the yoga studio

There is a resonant field that vibrates through in as all that is. The ancients knew this, some indigenous people still remember. Most humans are living in a total clutter of noise interfering with all of the senses. This noise inhibits the field from becoming coherent with who we are. Fletchers unique blend of guided movement and sacred sound vibration invites you to tap into the reality of being limitless and literally become the eternal beings we are. The light around us is not a metaphor, it is real. Fletchers class will include many passive postures and is suited to all bodies and all abilities. Please bring a cushion and or blanket and your mat. There is limited space and advanced sign up is recommended.

#2. Everyday Aromatherapy with community herbalist and aromatherapist Ilana Sobo in the barn loft classroom. In this fun workshop we will explore aromatic tools and essential oils for the peaks and valleys of everyday life. We will smell lots of yummy ones and include aromatics for stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and low immunity. We will also highlight aromatherapeutic tools that are aphrodisiacs, joy bringers and helpers to uplift the spirit and brighten your every dayy.

*11:45-1:15pm (2 tracks happening at the same time in different locations)

#1. Embodying the Divine Feminine with Sacred Geometry with Bela Layman

In this workshop, we will explore the symbol of the Flower of Life and dive deep to understand the spiraling wheel works of nature.  Through a geometric lens, we will roll out the blueprint of the fabric of creation to anchor powerful source energy into our reality.  Participants will learn how to integrate these fundamental patterns of life, opening our hearts and minds into a graceful space of creativity.


#2.“Desire Alignment: Shift your frequency.” Join Rebecca Freedner, Reiki master and intuitive coach in this frequency shifting workshop! Learn how to truly connect to your deepest desires with practical and applicable techniques. Discover why our deepest longings often feel as though they’re perpetually at arm’s length. Leave with a renewed sense of empowerment, confidence, and excitement to make your life exactly as you want it to be. Rebecca’s signature style of teaching is decidedly ‘unfluffy’. There will be no suggestion of vision boards, feng shui correct mirror hanging, or Sanskrit mantras. We’re reining it in, and bringing it back to home base (YOU). Please come with a notebook and pen, and be prepared to share out loud (not mandatory, but really helps you!).

*1:15-2:15pm Lunch by Lucky Star Catering

*2:30-4pm 2 tracks (happening at once in different locations)

#1. Crystal and Gemstone with Maria and Annette: ‘Expanding your Light Body with Crystals’ Presented by Annette Gingras & Maria Carvalho Sandoval 

In this workshop you will learn how to:​

 create a sacred, safe container within which to journey with the crystals. We will learn about powerful crystal combinations as well as basic tools for working with the mineral realm. Topics to be discussed include:

​ how to know which ​

crystals to work with, gem water, 5D crystals & caring for the crystal allies. Maria & Annette will lead a guided meditation for participants to relax, release stagnant energy & receive healing. This will be a specific transmission with the purpose of expanding ones Light Body. Please join us for this special experience.


#2. Maureen Short with “Healing Gaia’s Waters with Hina, the Ancient Hawaaian Goddess of Water”
We’ll explore the consciousness of Water through sharing research of the consciousness of Water, shamanic journeys, a meditation with this powerful and pure Goddess Hina to support the Waters to cleanse with singing and celebrating.We’ll share ways to show love and gratitude to Gaia’s life giving Waters!

We are 80% water, Gaia is 80%water and Hina is a powerful healing Goddess both for us and the Waters.

4-5:30pm Sisterhood Oath, Final Shares and Closing Circle








~*~ Saturday, Feb. 24th 2018 ~*~

9am-9:45am Arrival and check in

10am-11am Opening Circle with Kori Gelinas and Medicine tribe

11-12pm ‘Invocation’ with Fletcher Boote.

Center and mindfully prepare for your retreat journey. Ancient invocations to the Goddess, sanskrit mantra and sacred sound-making will fine tune our hearts and souls so that together, our voices vibrate as one.

12-1pm Lunch by Sugar Snap Catering

1-2:30pm Activating The New Story for Humanity with Laurie McMammon

From “Enough is Enough!” to “Together We Rise!”

This participative circle workshop is for women who are more than ready to leapfrog from the 2017 energy of protest, division and conflict to the 2018 energy of “Together we rise!” As midwives of the New Planetary Story, we will engage with up to three powerful hands-on tools that will activate and support our roles as Solutionaries, Spiritual Wisewomen, Planetary Healers or New Paradigm Pioneers.

2017 was the Year of Marches, an unprecedented number of Earth’s citizens proclaiming “Enough is Enough!” demanding that a change in planetary culture must come. But how do we build clarity and consensus about what that new culture should be?  Why is it so important that a critical number of us begin to turn our focus from the energy of protesting and fixing the old to the energy of creating the entirely new? Author Laurie McCammon guides us in exploring how shifting our relationship to the word “enough” is an elegantly simple and deeply profound way to liberate our authentic power and genius so the answers to all these important and timely questions speak to us from the inside out.

Some of the topics we will be exploring together are:

  • At its deepest roots, the current paradigm was built around one core assumption: scarcity is inevitable. This belief in “never enough” has generated behaviors of greed, inequality, competition, cruelty and violence on one hand and on the other hand, a helpless feeling that we can’t possibly do enough and aren’t powerful enough to change what we don’t like, leading to widespread feelings of frustration, anger, guilt, shame, depression and powerlessness. As a result, despite almost all people wanting an end to war, poverty and environmental destruction, we are stuck in a self-reinforcing loop that makes these seemingly permanent. As Albert Einstein once said, though, we cannot solve a problem from the same thinking that created it. So how do we access “different thinking” in order to claim a world of peace, harmony and balance once and for all? Could the root of the problem be our shared belief in scarcity? What if there actually is enough for everyone? Have you personally witnessed enough or more than enough, even the infinite, in nature, in your own body, in your relationship to the Divine, or in technology of the high tech devices you use every day?
  • The collective consciousness of humanity is reaching an exciting and unprecedented maturation point, from the majority expressing an adolescent perspective to a significant number of people now breaking through to an adult perspective. What big changes might we expect as majority society moves from an adolescent perspective to an adult perspective? What are those of “adult consciousness” being called to do or be right now?
  • In this workshop, we will take the beautiful, rich intentions and insights gathered from this retreat into action by using a predictive tool to map our futures.  This tool can assist us to apply our gifts and talents in the most personally meaningful and collectively potent ways, and in alignment with the greatest good, the most support and the best timing. From this point of departure, we can gather a picture of what “Together we rise!” could actually become for each of us and for our sisterhood as a whole.
  • Why is it of vital importance for women in particular to realize their enoughness at this time? How are we carrying the “enough” the world most needs right now in order to heal, advance and thrive? How do we heal, support and widen the inclusion of the sisterhood locally to truly embody the promise of “Together we rise”? How do we serve each other and the world and step up as potent leaders of the New Story?

3-4:30pm ‘Heart Opening Ceremony’ with Katrina Coravos

4:45-6:15pm All Bodies Belly Dance with Savanah Koval

In this class we will together, build the metaphysical and physical foundation of belly dance. First tapping into the earth energetics and lineage of sacred femininity and fertility dances which brought us here, then we will collect a physical tool kit of belly dance basics to take home and integrate into our personal dances. From this foundation, we will explore some movement combinations and a short choreography. Open and nourishing for all levels of dance experience. Belly baring, optional always!

6:30-7:30pm dinner by Sugar Snap Catering

8pm on… Bhakti Song Circle with Jeanette Bacevius, Fletcher Boote, Katrina Coravos….Joining voices, rhythms,  hearts and prayers for an evening of rising up! Bring your favorite songs, chants, poems, movements etc. Also please bring any kind of drums, or other instruments to create music and help to raise the vibes.

~*~ Sunday Feb 25th, 2018 ~*~

7-9am breakfast with Sugar Snap Catering

8:00-9am Morning check in 

9-10:30am Yoga Flow with Fletcher Boote 

Join Fletcher for an all-levels yoga practice that will awaken and invigorate your mind, body and heart.

11-12:30pm Food Love’ with Katie Baas of ‘Lucky Star Catering’ 

In this workshop, Katie will share her thoughts on the Spirit of Food Love. Highlighting intuitive eating, food as nourishment, creativity and pleasure. She will be offering tips and tricks for practical magic in your home kitchen. We invite you to get in touch with your inner kitchen witch.

12:30-1:30pm lunch with Sugar Snap Catering

1-2:30pm “Evolution Revolution” with Maureen Short

Evolution means “…an unfolding… growth…” and Revolution means”…a complete or drastic change…” . We all know we are in the midst of a planetary initiation, the Great Shift of the ages and dimensions. We signed up for this great adventure with the unprecedented opportunities to transform ourselves and thus the planet! As we relase the weight of the fears and wounds that bind us, we become Awake and Aware of the spiritual powers that have our backs.
      In this dynamic workshop, Maureen Short will lead us deep into our hearts to tap into the best we have to offer our precious Mother Earth in Her birthing herself into restoration,unity and the highest good of all life.With a guided meditation/singing/chanting and toning with the crystal singing bowls, we’ll leave feeling lighter, grounded, expanded- full of passion for fulfiling our sisterhood’s part in this evolution revolution !
3pm Snacks by Lucky Star Catering

3:30-4:30pm Final Shares and Closing Circle with Kori Gelinas, Katrina Coravos and tribe