~”I came to you, with years of fear. A buried spirit. A lost soul. I came to you, with a broken moment- but not a broken self.
I was seeking, not to find you.. but to find myself. Underneath shovels of muck, and sand. I was looking to get out from under what was thrown onto my once free, calm, energy.
I came to you, all.
Because, once upon a time- I knew dance, I knew love, I knew bare feet and nakedness of life.
I knew how to throw down, and rise.
I came. Because once, I was hitch hiking- clad in overalls. Nothing underneath, nothing on my feet. Once, I was reggae fests- arms high as my mind, and hips swaying. Once, I was raw love, shaved head and smiles.
I was once a girl. Sporting a lack of fear, and full of life.
I came. To shed.
I came. The quiet one- yet busting with so much left unsaid.
And- I was woke.
I was reborn.
I was alive, in wonder and amazed.
At a room full of lions, teeth showing, voices hollering- and claws gripping.
Dripping with excitement, acceptance and fiercely gripping one another.
I went.
I saw.
I felt.
And I believed again..
In the rawness of love and power we all hold inside us.” -S.B


~”I attended my first Medicine Womyn’s Retreat in the summer of 2016. I was so excited to gather with such amazing womyn, but I had no idea that the retreat would be a life-changing experience for me. I left feeling so empowered and inspired, connecting with such beautifully soulful womyn. Womyn who lift each other up, celebrating each other’s unique magic.

When the time was nearing to the most recent retreat (winter 2018), I heard the call to go, but wasn’t being that proactive of getting there. I had just given birth to my first child that previous fall, and gave myself every excuse in the book to stay home. (“It’s too early to leave my son,” “I’m not working, so I can’t afford this,” etc. etc.) Kori reached out to me and reminded me of how much I needed this. How healing it would be. She even offered me an amazingly generous scholarship to attend. I decided to allow myself to attend the retreat, and RECEIVE! I am so grateful for Kori’s gentle nudge and her warm, open arms. I am so grateful to her, and to all the amazing womyn who put their hearts and souls into this work, creating a space for womyn to come together to heal and rise. The world needs this work, we are so fortunate to have these wonderful retreats in the Green Mountains. ❤”  -L.M