August 16-18, 2019


You are invited to our 9th Bi-Annual Medicine Womyn’s Retreat. We are looking forward to sharing our first 3-day retreat August 16-18th, 2019 located at the beautiful Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, Vt.
Feel free to join us for an entire weekend of nourishment and Sacred Sisterhood… or a single day (Friday availability only). The theme for the year is ‘Deep Roots and Strong Wings’ and this summer we are going even deeper by embracing the concept of “Spreading our WINGS and FLYING!”. There will be inspiring workshops, amazing classes, deep heartfelt ceremonies, powerful drum circles, yoga, dance, gentle movement and so much more.  You can also shop among the many vendors or receive healings-guidance or intuitive readings from our pool of talented sisters.  Womxn of all ages travel in from all over the country for these beautiful retreats.  It is surely not to be missed.
Green Blessings









Aug 11-12, 2018

You are invited to our 7th bi-annual Medicine Womyn’s Retreat! The theme of this retreat is ‘Invoking the Magick’. We will be offering workshops based on a variety of tools to inspire and encourage one to step more deeply into their powerful magical selves….to claim their connection to the divine, to meet their power animals, to connect deeply with their amazing body, to heal with the sacred earth and of course laugh, dance, and connect with one another. Our vision and intention that we hold for these Medicine Womyn retreats is to create an opportunity for women (or those who identify as womyn) to come for a day or two and be deeply nourished. We hold the vision for healing, releasing and restoring! It in so powerful to be surrounded with so many like-minded medicine womyn, earth warriors, elders and sisters being called to attend this retreat, at this time from all around the country. Many say that when they come to these retreats, they feel like they are going home and that they feel like they have finally met their tribe! We are being called to gather womyn at this pivotal time; to remind them to awaken to their strengths, to embrace their voices, to deepen their connections to the world and each other, to be re-inspired and then to take this powerful, juicy energy back into the world, creating a rippling effect in all of the communities!

Throughout your retreat, you will be nourished with delicious healthy local vegetarian cuisine by Lucky Star Catering (

There will be workshops and classes based on many holistic healing modalities, such as yoga, plant medicines, magick making, meeting your power animals, crystals and gemstones, drumming, dancing, honoring the sacred feminine and so much more! We will hold sacred ceremony and tend the fire together. We will join our voices in song and prayer and move our bodies to awaken and honor all parts of our incredible selves. There will be massage/bodywork, tarot/divination, life coaching, and several forms of counseling available from incredible healers and teachers  from all over the country.

We will be gathering in the beautiful town of Lincoln, Vt at a gorgeous piece of land called Metta Earth Institute.( Metta Earth Institute is a place to explore solutions for a global shift of consciousness supporting the revitalization of a care based society and a rejuvenation of nature and earth. MEI is hosted on acres of fields, pastures, and forest surrounded by a bowl of mountains. The land also supports a biodynamically oriented, organic farm and garden with a small CSA, a few Milking Shorthorn grass-fed, hand milked cows, a small, growing flock of Icelandic sheep, heritage breed chickens, orchards, the Metta Earth main house with kitchen, dining, library, bathing, laundry, yoga room, and bedrooms, greenhouse, a post and beam barn, 4 yurts, 4 wall tents, a new net zero, carbon neutral Elder House, and energy systems powered by solar, wood, and the work of many hands.

Metta Earth Institute intends to support others in cultivating consciousness in deep reconnection with nature and Earth.  MEI programs are essentially designed to be experiences in living, learning, and loving community. This really resonates with our staff and from the minute we stepped onto their land this spring, we knew it would be the perfect place for our upcoming Medicine Womyn’s Retreat. Due to the beauty and secrets held within this land, we will encourage and make time for outdoor exploration and play.

There will also be a full marketplace where local vendors and artists will be showcasing and selling their unique creations and tools. With everything that is happening at this time in herstory, it’s so utterly important to take time to honor ourselves as givers, mothers, sisters and to pause, set intentions and receive healing, love, bliss and fill ourselves back up. Sometimes we need little reminders of that, maybe in jewelry form, crystals, body paint, tattoos, herbal potions, essential oils, clothing and other forms of adornment etc. There will be many outlets for retail therapy as well as to network and support local creatresses.

There is so much rising just as we plan this retreat, its going to be epic and we all look forward to connecting and retreating with you soon ~*~


~WEEKEND OF BLISS: includes lunch, dinner and dessert on Saturday Aug 11th and tea/coffee, breakfast, lunch and snacks on sunday Aug 12th as well as access to all workshops throughout the weekend, field camping and of course a few other special treats

$250 if paid in full by June 1st

$275 for payment plans

$300 if paid after June 1st

~SINGLE DAY OF BLISS (either for Saturday Aug 11th or Sunday Aug 12th)

includes lunch, dinner and dessert on Saturday Aug 11th OR Breakfast/lunch and snack for sunday Aug 12 and access to all workshops/ceremony events planned for that day (lodging is NOT included)

$150 if paid by June 1st

$175 if paid after June 1st

(All payments are transferable but not refundable)




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Additional Offerings

Over the years of building the Medicine Womyn’s Retreat, we have connected with an incredible tribe of womyn healers, teachers and warriors who are deeply connected to the sacred feminine, the earth and her regeneration. Many of these incredible ladies will be here with us during the retreat, and are offering their wisdom and healing services to … Continue reading Additional Offerings

Preparing for the Retreat

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Food Offerings

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