Talking Circle

This space is our sacred vessel for personal shares….we are envisioning it to become a wall of testimonials from sisters that have attended previous retreats as well as an open talking circle to just share whats on your heart

Thank you for taking a moment to post here, long or short, deep or simple…




7 thoughts on “Talking Circle

  1. Kori Gelinas says:

    “I have an African friend who is a Powerful Wild Woman in her own right. She once told me and mother and sisters that in our American culture, we don’t wail when we are grief stricken. In her culture women especially will wail and weep and let it cleanse them. They will go outside their huts and just howl. Getting over ourselves is required to find ourselves. Our grief, our pain, our self-loathing that makes us want to lash out and judge others, is a result of not enough howling; in our grief when we realized as children, this world although so miraculous, is ravaged, people are ravaged, our Wild Souls are smothered and gagged…..but we never wailed. We never howled, and wept, with arms imploring the Heavens and the Earth. We were taught to fear grief and pain and longing. But our tears, our pain our anger are incredible tools and catalysts for our Awakening, our Growth. Stay Wild, Be Wild My Wild sister.”

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    • Kerry Leigh says:

      Yes! Wailing is crucial to inner connecting, to moving our consciousness through time and space, to allowing the river of our being to flow through the temple of our body, and to connect us more deeply with our mother earth, sister sun, grandmother moon, the star-beings, and the soul of existence. Lawrence Conlan and the Passionate Ease Retreats are a safe and scared space to wail. I have been to 8 retreats with these folks and I highly recommend them. Lawrence and his partner, Christa Ray, are masters at what they do, in holding space and bringing their presence to witness and guide our own journey deep into the depths of our beingness.
      Although I cannot make it to the medicine womyn’s retreat in August this year, I support you sisters through the ether of life. Come for a visit when you pass through New Mexico. We live off-grid, in the mountains with native cedar, junior, piñon, prickly pear, cholla, and plant-food-medicine that we are growing.

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  2. jenn stelma says:

    Sister C! Deepest love to you and the new life growing in your belly! May your journey to motherhood be blessed! Thank you for being you and sharing your light with the world!

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  3. medicinewomyn says:

    This is a wonderful place to post pictures, lyrics to songs or chants we shared together, video clips etc. We all just came out of an amazing weekend together at the lotus lodge winter retreat and its fun to stay in touch until the next retreat. I created this talking circle space for just that. you can reply to comments, so post away! i invite you to. love and grateful for lifting my spirit in such a heavy time in the world. i feel such peace, such hope and such gratitude for my medicine womyn tribe! aho


  4. Kim Prangley says:

    I Am Not Old
    I am not old…she said
    I am rare.
    I am the standing ovation
    At the end of the play.
    I am the retrospective
    Of my life as art
    I am the hours
    Connected like dots
    Into good sense
    I am the fullness
    Of existing.
    You think I am waiting to die…
    But I am waiting to be found
    I am a treasure.
    I am a map.
    And these wrinkles are
    Imprints of my journey
    Ask me anything.

    – Samantha Reynolds

    Sorry–can’t seem to add the photo of the wonderful crone with the twinkly blue eyes and the amazing natural hat! Will try again later….


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