Preparing for the Retreat



 Medicine Womyn 2023 Retreat

 AUGUST 26-27, 2023

  Located in South Hero, Vermont

 More details and updated info coming soon…..



~This retreat is located at All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne, Vt~

21 Bostwick Farm Rd

Shelburne, Vt 05482

(802) 985-3819


August 6, 2022 One day at All Souls Retreat suggested packing list

~Yoga Mat or blanket to sit/lay on

~Water bottle

~journal and pen/pencil (optional)

~cushion to sit on (optional, there will be chairs and a few cushions there)

~drum, rattle or instrument

~biz cards or tools to network

~comfortable clothes to stretch and move in if you aren’t wearing them already

~slippers or shoes to wear inside if you like

~warm layers/blanket if you tend to get chilly

~walking shoes for afternoon workshops

~raincoat or umbrella to block the sun or elements if we are outside

~bug spray



Aug 14-16th 2020

Retreat will be Located at:
334 Geary Road South. Lincoln, VT 05443

We are so fortunate to be gathering at the amazing Metta Earth Institute again. This is our third time there as the last summer retreats have went so well and there is still so much more wild and magic to explore and co-create there.

We will be updating the list as we get closer but here is a sample of what to think about bringing. We do have a few options for the weekend, either a day of bliss which does not include overnight accommodations or a weekend with us and that does include camping and parking etc. There are also Air B and Bs and hotels in the nearby towns that may be worthy of looking to for those who want to come but not camp.

Thank you for your support and looking forward to posting more details soon


We are gearing up for an unforgettable weekend of bliss at Metta Earth…to give yourself time to prepare/shop/pack, we are working on compiling a list of things that can be useful while you are with us on the land.

Keep in mind, Metta Earth is a gorgeous site but it is rather spread out! There will be plenty of walking around, and the lower fields where camping is held is about 5-7+min walk to the main site. With that said, bringing things like walking sticks and bikes could be fun and useful to make it more efficient from getting to and fro but definitely not a necessity.

Whether you are joining us for the day or weekend, we would still suggest taking a good look at this list to be thoroughly prepared for your retreat

~water bottle: there is plenty of potable water on site for refilling and hand washing as needed

~Dishes/utentsils for the weekend to eat/drink from…to make it easier on all of us here, please bring your own plate, bowl, mug,cup, silverware, napkin to use for the weekend. We will have an area where you can wash it between uses…

~proper footwear, again this is a beautiful yet rustic site and you will be on your feet quite a bit, I’d suggest anything that is comfortable to get you up and down country roads,  as well as grassy hills etc. (sneakers, as well as RAINBOOTS, flip flops cause you just never know what the weather will do)

~layers of clothing for all types of weather; warm pants, hoodie or long sleeve shirts, t-shirt, tank, dress….i always bring a few things in case i get hot, cold, wet, want to dance, do yoga etc…


~rain gear; boots, hats, raincoat etc

~sun wear: hats, and if you are a sun goddess then maybe swim suit or if you need protection from it, a sun shirt, sunglasses….also sun screen 

~bug spray (there will be some natural stuff for sale in the marketplace)

~tent, sleeping pad, tarps/rainfly, sleeping bag, pillow, etc etc (if you are staying the night with us)

~yoga mat 

~Notebooks/pens/pencils for workshops

~business cards or networking tools; these retreats are always a pretty large tribe of amazing womxn gathering together for the weekend, we truly suggest using this time to get to know eachtoher, make connections and network!


~walking stick, again things are a little spread out here and most daytime activities are very close by each other  but the fire in the evenings and camping is a short walk about 5-10 min away from the main site

~low sitting chairs or blankets to sit on for workshops or around the fire

~headlamp/flashlight with batteries

~Drums and other fun instruments that you love to play and share

~Chants/poems/songs to share around the fire


**There will be a Marketplace to shop, so I would suggest bringing some cash to treat yourself to a little something special. There will be Jewelry, Crystals and Gemstones, Herbal Medicines and Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Natural Bodycare Products, Art, clothing etc

**There also will be several beautiful areas reserved for Healing sessions….We have a tribe of incredible ladies offering bodywork, wellness consultations, therapy, reiki, shamanic work, tarot/divination. For more info, look under  the ‘Additional Offerings’ here on the website and make sure to book yourself a little session with one or several of these incredible sisters. Sessions are usually between $30-$60, so I highly recommend hooking yourself up while you are with us to make it that much more special and transformative….